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 McDon's journal, the scattered book.

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PostSubject: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    Mon May 07, 2012 2:59 pm

Only those that have my book, can read this, the book has several copies, but I've taken care that none
of them fall into human hands. A few individuals that could know of this journey are: Karla, Lucy, Vladimir, Cornelia.
No one else would have it, unless they obtain it somehow.

*Unknown text at the top of the page, as if its the title, but it's not readable. Text below is seen.

This is my goddamn journal, I didn't write much of this, but this one, I had to write about it, I knew breaking into her
house was a bad idea!

So, we were driving throughout the forest, checking for a safe place to hang out. We kept the conversations going as
we continued to travel through Mt.Chilliads lower forest, crossing Angel Pine. Boredom got us, so we decided to go even
deeper, and so, we did, we moved inside the forest, checking around the trees, nature, everything that we could peek
our eyes into. Oddly enough, I remember, this was the place I sniffed out an old garou, an elder; I had no idea who
would hide inside this wooden house in the middle of nowhere.

I tried to go past, ignoring the house because we could go into trouble, but she hesitated, Cornelia wanted to break
in, figure what's inside, to my extent, I thought I'd die the moment I'd go in, I really had no idea what could've been
inside, seeing as I, the fearless ex-werewolf, or, now, a servant to that Cammy of their, seen so many, felt most of
them, the living vampire houses, god that used to creep me out.

So, then, I stop the car, because, I don't usually go against Cornelia's orders, she, quickly moves outside the car, in
a rather excited mood as she moves towards the garou's door. I hesitate, because I just knew something was
wrong, however, I followed her in as we pick the lock. She didn't feel anything, I, however, did, as I continued
to move through the small hall, I move towards the living room, Cornelia was moving around, she visited the
kitchen, checking inside, I took a small peek inside the bathroom, as I look onto the window, staring into... wait..

What is this? As I take a peek, I completely freeze and feel paralyzed, as I look into the mirror, however, when I
look into the mirror, I don't see myself but Victoria with completely black-holed eyes staring into me, her jaw
drops, as her COMPLETELY black filled eyes look into me, I fucking shook in fear, as the mirror copied all of my
moves, except it wasn’t me there, it was Victoria.

I quickly grind my teeth as the wolf spirit hesitates, and I push myself towards the wall, quickly looking away
from the mirror, keeping my eyes on top of the floor, as I continue to hear voices as if they were... simulated;
it continued to ramble 'Get out, you un-loyal fool.' I shook my head, as I rushed to the living room, I wanted
to talk with Cornelia about this, but I hesitated, I thought telling her about this would make things worse. I
quickly took a look behind me, as a figure is standing between the door frame, I freeze solid, but then Cornelia
tells my name, as she opens the fridge, bells ticked through my eyes, as the figure disappears, I then quickly
grind my teeth as I twitch, simply running into the kitchen. I was so scared I just wanted to grab Cornelia,
because she is even more powerful than me now, A true Ventrue, but I thought I’d rather not, as I notice
she is taking products, I didn't want to disturb her, I kept my presence in the kitchen for a short moment.

A few minutes passed as I remained solid, watching Cornelia's moves, in a rather tiresome mood. Without
hesitation, I activate my wolf eye, making sure Cornelia doesn't see this, and use 'Release', thinking that
what I saw was simply magical force protecting the house. It, however, didn't work. The figure, the mirror,
they were my hallucination’s.

I moved towards the living room, as I sat onto the coach, leaning onto the back of it as I rub my face with
my bare hands, taking deep inhales. I shift my gaze upon the ceiling, as the figure of Victoria simply stares
into my soul, with her black eyes, I quickly lose consciousness. A few minutes passed, and I was woken up
when Cornelia sat down beside me, putting the plate on top of the small table, as I shook my head, looking
around. I took a deep sigh as I look upon Cornelia’s eyes, my eyes grew fire, as I didn't know what to do.
Suddenly emerging with grace, I take a huge sigh again, grabbing onto the table, and moving it towards
myself, taking a glimpse of what Cornelia made me, it was French toast, and I twitched as I looked upon
the toast, smiling with a rather depressed face, I wanted to shout 'RELEASE ME!', but my lips didn't move,
nothing did, except for my arms, but I couldn’t' do anything with them. Cornelia told me to eat them, I
took my SCP gloves (crazy huh?) and I made sure I don't get all this sugar on me, I grabbed onto the first
toast, eating it...

A few minutes passed, as I ate the toast, and had a small conversation with Cornelia, about business related
and social related things. She tells me she has to attend her job, to which I agree and we stand back up, she
gives me a small kiss on the cheek as I feel the chains on me release, closing my eyes as I let her move
through, continuing to watch as she moves out towards the door, but then out of nowhere, she disappears
without opening the exit door, and the figure comes out of the shadows, it was Victoria, I fell unconscious,
falling onto the coach again, and realizing ALL OF THIS IS JUST A FUCKING DREAM. She didn’t leave!
The toast is... not real, WHAT THE HELL is happening?! This is just a dream! ... OH GOD! If this is my
dream, I will con... I WILL CONTROL IT! As I concentrate and look at my hands, shifting them into two
huge claws, as my wolf eye starts shining, I charge towards the figure in full frenzy, as I hit Victoria
through the stomach area, yet she just disappears like a shadow.

She spawns behind me, grabbing onto my neck; as she snaps it, I fall unconscious in the dream, waking
up in a forest, as all of my ex-werewolf allies stay there, Karla, Lucy, Vladimir, Ryan, Lockwood, David Reese,
Sean Phelps, Mia Smith, even Sheila... Jager was there as well, in his huge Crinos form, everyone was looking
at me, with their black-filled eyes, just like Victoria.

They barked between themselves, I could not understand what they meant... Vladimir was ready to attack
me, I could see it in his eyes, and everyone marked me as their traitor... I was... I was scared, I was
completely scared out of my mind, everyone looked upon me in their Lupus/Crinos forms, staring into my
soul with their black eyes, ready to dismember me, all of them.

Upon this... as I look into Karla, her eyes switch to normal, as I place my feet on the ground... she moves
away, her eyes were normal, as she disappeared into the shadows... I've noticed Reese leaping towards me,
as I shift myself into the imaginary Crinos form, and I evade the leap, emerging with a claw towards his
back, stabbing him through it, and then grabbing onto his head, tilting it clockwise, making sure his neck
breaks, but then, out of sudden, he disappears into the shadows. And everyone except Karla and Victoria
lunge at me, devouring me into anything they could, biting me and eating my flesh as I see my former
allies kill me, yelling treason with their eyes...

Stuck in a hard place in the middle... calling all the souls, the sphinx... and their riddle... invisible emotions...
little by little, she's my only savior... living in the stateless soul... searching for an answer... everywhere she
goes... why make circles... I'm doomed.

Then I wake up, sitting at the couch, same as before, looking towards Cornelia, as she seems to be talking
without any sense at all, I couldn’t' understand anything, as I saw the French toast there, on the table, placed
on top of the plate. I hesitate to take it, but I just get angry inside and take the French toast, eating it, as the
time gets consumed and all of it travels. She speaks, and I understand now, she speaks out the same words as
before 'Oh god, I've got to go. Job won’t finish itself you know.' As she smiles at me, and moves away, this
time I spectate it, as she exits the house normally. BUT THEN, I realize, I'm alone in the house.

I freeze, as I make a blank face expression, narrowing my eyes around because I couldn’t' move my neck, or
anything else, a force pulls me up, as I stand, then, it remarkably starts pushing me towards the exit, as I
move through it, my neck becomes available, and I take a glimpse at the mirror, Victoria and Karla are
there, looking at me without eyes, Victoria has her mouth open, as nothing but darkness is seen inside
it, Karla seems to be remaining calm, not saying anything, as I twitch, not able to do anything... then,
I remember a moment... she died, I don't care. Why do I keep talking about it, she's a ghost, let it remain so. Oh, I can see something, it's sharp, sharp as fuck, damn my life's good.

But what is th-...

Then I died.

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Retired Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    Mon May 07, 2012 5:54 pm

So.. Then you died ?


*Reincarnates to write: OKAAAY:' I'm dead'
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PostSubject: Re: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    Mon May 07, 2012 6:05 pm

Seanykins wrote:
So.. Then you died ?


*Reincarnates to write: OKAAAY:' I'm dead'

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PostSubject: Re: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    Mon May 07, 2012 9:47 pm

I like it.
*feels flattered by the 'A true Ventrue' part*.
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PostSubject: Re: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    Mon May 07, 2012 9:54 pm

Seraphina wrote:
I like it.
*feels flattered by the 'A true Ventrue' part*.

Yeah well, if I ever step into that house, I won't be coming back outside. I might just however go inside the house and deal with the dream, on my own. Discover what's really there, fight off the wolf spirit. Investigate, and then walk out, all fresh. *sniff*
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PostSubject: Re: McDon's journal, the scattered book.    

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McDon's journal, the scattered book.
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