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 Daniel Wilhelms file

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PostSubject: Daniel Wilhelms file   Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:25 pm

(BEFORE you ask.. Samara and Ray gave me permission to RP this, so dont say anything about PG or crap.)

(OH and this is OOC, just so people know oocly. Obviously you cant know all this stuff icly. UNLESS your the FBI.)

This is the File of Daniel X Wilhelm, X standing for No Middle Name.
Daniel was born at the Good Shepard hospital in Chicago, on July Nineteenth
Nineteen Ninety One, at Eight Oh Five AM. The hospital has long since been shut down, and is now a Condemned building.
Lived mainly alone despite living with his parents, They took long vacations.
Often leaving him at home alone. At which point he may have become unstable mentally.
He joined the Marine corps at the age of Eighteen, During which he has shown
Unfathomable loyalty to his squad-mates. During his one year and five months Tour of duty, he helped his squad-mates however he could.
He was considered for a promotion until he was caught speaking to himself.
Even though he was mentally challenged, he is still a great marine. He survived as a P.O.W. , Rescued by his squad.
During one of his patrol routines, his squad-mates described him as very concentrated.
He seemed to be in a trance of readiness, however when they were attacked, Daniel was always the one to get them out of it.
During one encounter with the enemy, two of his squad-mates were downed, Daniel was also hit.
However they recalled that Daniel kept moving and shooting. Eventually they took down the enemy and patched up.
During another night watch, Daniel was described as.. Speaking to himself and extremely Ready for anything.
However. There is a situation which had Daniel Prove himself, the squad was on patrol, a few klicks away from the base, they were
About to investigate a rather new looking vehicle on the side of the road when they came under fire,
It was an ambush, However Daniel stood his ground, and opened fire, Running Towards the enemy.
His squad-mates said that if it wasn't for him, None of them would be alive.
Oddly enough, the office of Naval Intelligence, took a liking to Daniel and reassigned him to a Personnel
support unit in Russia, Daniel proved himself as a very diligent officer, Always ready and constantly aware.
However, During a personnel escort, The team was caught in a snow storm, Daniel suggested rounding up the vehicles
and starting a fire, and so they did, But it wasn't enough, they needed help.
Daniel offered to go and find help, and so he went. This is his personal quote on the subject:
"I knew I had to go find help, so I did, Even though it was Cold.. I survived blistering Hot weather in Afghanistan,
so I can do the same, except that its just Cold. While I was looking for help, I was walking in the snow for an hour,
Nothing but Snow snow and more snow, BUT, I saw movement, when I went to investigate, It was a wolf, I couldn't tell the color,
whether it was male or Female, but It was hurt, Turned out to have a bullet in it, I managed to get the wolf to trust me.
and I took the bullet out and wrapped its paw up. I don't know how, nor why it did it, but it brought me to a village, I'm glad it did,
I was able to get some help, and we got the POI to safety, Im glad that wolf was there, It saved my entire units life."

Apparently after this encounter with the wolf, he began to read and study wolves.
His bravery got him sent home, with an honorable discharge.
Oddly enough, he began to go into the woods, to go camping, without any electronics, not even a cellphone.
Even though it was just a two mile hike to the woods, he did enjoy it, and wasn't afraid.
After he was sent home, he was awarded the medal of honor, and was honorable discharged for his wounds.
Right now, his lifestyle is a Healthy and Physically strong one, Eats well, stays in shape. He currently lives in San Andreas, Palomino Creek, the Thirty third house.
His occupation is as an EMS Commissioner, He's in control of the Red County Emergency Medical Services, However he enters the forests at rather odd times, with camping gear.

For now, this is all we managed to put together as an official report, More will be added on later.

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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Wilhelms file   Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:15 am

Doesn't bothers me but.

If you wanna find out about stuff related to kindred or garou race IC , then please do it RPly trough all proper RP. I know you wouldn't pull IC info about supernatural out of the butt, just um... reminding you about how RP is cool.

Other than that. Well, looks cool. Hopefully we'll might get more RP.
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Wilhelms file   Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:41 am

I recently learned about the actual garou's from Samara during an RP. What I learned was the Normal Wolves, not werewolves.

and.. No, I wouldnt pull info outta my ass. I just hope no one does with my case.
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Wilhelms file   

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Daniel Wilhelms file
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